Just Say You Don’t Trust The Bible (God’s Word): Reasoning With Same-Sex Advocates


I am sad to confess that the recent controversy regarding same-sex marriage has not been spoken up and out from me until it has arrived at my doorstep. I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve watched the news and have seen this global phenomenon for some time. Waiting until societies controversy touch your house can almost be too late. Praise the Lord for His mercy and courage to be His flawed ambassador for Jesus in this generation. And He is saying through me, “Be reconciled to God”. You can charge this mishap to my God given personality of being laid back and chill. Being “chill” isn’t sinful, but not relaying and proclaiming His truth to the matters of life is. Living out, relaying, and proclaiming His truth to others is a part of making disciples. Subconsciously, I think if it doesn’t affect me directly, then it’s not really “that real”. But we all know that’s not true. Martin Luther King, Jr. made a statement along these lines (that I agree with), “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. I am learning in dealing with matters in our society that one must deal with all of societal matters. Why? Because the God of heaven and earth speaks to and requires obedience in all areas of life. The God of heaven speaks on a variety of topics in our societal controversies today: sexual promiscuity, abortion (murder), love, righteousness, race, humility, marriage, drunkenness (liquor or drugs), death, eternal life, eternal death, courage, wisdom, leadership, service, justice, homosexuality, adultery, money, fatherhood, motherhood, children’s obedience to parents, oppression, police brutality, obedience to authority,  etc. Even though that is not a complete list, it behooves us to hear His voice on the matter. He is the One who made all things in the earth and beyond. It is wise to take heed to the maker of something as opposed to figuring (out on our own) what the function should be of things the maker made. My attempt in these upcoming blogs is to bring the words of God (Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) to the conversation on same-sex desires and marriage.

The God of heaven labels same-sex desires as homosexuality.

Before going into this subject, we all have to come to this one simple conclusion…do we trust the Scriptures (properly interpreted) as God’s rule for all of life or we not trust the Scriptures as God’s rule for all of life? This is crucial because here lies the true conflict. Now, I’m not presenting myself as the wisest or smartest person who understands all matters. But by God’s grace, I understand some. And one, out of a whole bunch, I understand from the Scriptures is the subject relating to homosexuality. I confess that this is not my personal struggle. But the Lord has graced me with several friendships who have struggled (and still wrestle) with this particular area. And I don’t believe the lie that because I haven’t struggled with this particular issue then I have nothing to say to help. I can hear the logic, “How can you speak to me when you don’t have a clue what it means to be me?” If that line of logic is true, our Savior Jesus Christ would have been ignored by, “the worst of sinners” because He was a man without sin. And when I listen to my friends fight against same sex desires, it happens to be the same fight I face when I’m resisting adultery, being heterosexual, or any other sin for that matter.

According to the God of the Scriptures, homosexuality (desiring someone sexually of the same sex) is sin. Sin is missing God’s mark. And sense sin is defined as such, we are all guilty of missing His righteous standard. We all need God’s power to turn away from “our standard of what’s right” and submit to God’s righteous standard. All of God’s standards are written in His holy Script.

One of the things that troubles me is to see “confessing followers of Jesus” reinterpret God’s word to mean something different from what God meant to say. We don’t have the luxury of making the bible fit what we want it to say. Sadly, we are all guilty of making God’s word fit what we want it to say rather than submitting to His ways.

And when we begin to legalize laws that contradict God’s laws, they will be met with horrible consequences down the road (unless God intervenes). Does someone have the right to marry someone of the same sex? Of course. If the law of the land permits it, you have the freedom to choose to. But the truth is that the laws of the land doesn’t supersede the laws of the Land Owner! That will be a future blog. The God of heaven is revealed in the Scriptures as the King of all the nations (from the United States government to the Islamic Ruled countries) whether they submit to Him or not. And a lot of times, to me, it sure doesn’t look like the God of righteousness is ruling all the nations in the earth. But the Scriptures show God ruling and moving even in the middle of chaotic leadership in kingdoms and troublesome circumstances, for example – Moses, Esther, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednigo, David, Jesus, Paul. God’s kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy is really coming and He asks all people everywhere to repent and turn to the One who was crushed on a cross for our sins, even the sin of same-sex desires. God will provide the power and strength by His Spirit to enable anyone to glorify Him in their bodies. That is…if we want Him.

But I pray that those who oppose this view from Scripture will come to this conclusion: I trust God’s word to be truthful and trustworthy in all totality or I don’t trust God’s word to be truthful and trustworthy in all totality. Of course, I want you to believe the former! If you trust God to be true, ask for His help to follow Him. If you don’t trust God to be true found in the Scriptures, then let’s deal there. But don’t make God’s Scriptures say things it doesn’t say, like, same-sex desires are good, natural, and normal.

Proverbs 16:25 There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death. NLT


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