It’s Just Me, Myself, And I


From the famous Hip Hop song in the 90’s, “Me, Myself, And I” by De La Soul, I am reminded of this true reality in our American culture. Although this song isn’t about being selfish, viewing the title, at first glance, communicates where I’m going. The “chorus” screams a desire inside of me that focuses on my own glory. I hate to even say that! But I believe it holds true everywhere in the world today. I’m sure many of you can identify with this because this is the theme we saw, heard, tasted, touched, and even breathed everyday when we were in our “yesteryears” (growing up days). American society breeds striving to be the best so that I can be seen, performing for others approval, etc. which at the end goal beingdrumroll pleaseus! The conclusion of this fleeting pursuit focuses on…come on and say it with me…chorus…it’s just “Me, Myself, And I”. The focus on our efforts of blood, sweat, and tears is us centered.

But the “Me, Myself, And I” chorus is the total opposite in the economy of the unseen and the spiritual.

You see, in the Lord’s economy, the theme of life and all the world points to the glory, honor, praise, celebration, highlights, bragging, boasting, showing off, etc. of Jesus Christ. And when He commands all to “deny ourselves”, take up Jesus’ cross daily, and follow His way of living, we learn daily that all things are for Him, to Him, and through Him! Following Jesus means emptying and laying aside our fame, honor, and importance in the eyes of others (and ourselves I might add) and living for the fame, honor, glory, etc. of Another.

Man, why didn’t somebody tell me that playing sports growing up was not about trying to build my “resume of glory” but to reflect the glory of Jesus Christ? Why couldn’t I see my efforts and energy in learning in school was tied to bringing honor to Christ? What about how I look, dress, etc…all should be brought back to giving praise to the Lord for His creativity. Helping others to succeed in life is tied to reflecting the glory of Jesus Christ. Whether it’s tutoring or mentoring others, giving random gifts of kindness, or giving your time by stepping in when someone needs you to cover for them, all of these are meant to point to the One who in His very nature is good. You see, the definition of goodness is Jesus. The epitome of goodness is Jesus. He is kind. He is glorious! He is powerful! He is all knowing! He is all seeing! He is all wise! Doggone it…He is wisdom and knowledge…treasures of it!

May you ask yourself and see if you are living a life of the chorus, “Me, Myself, And I”, as the motivation in existing. No doubt our society encourages this self-seeking glory. Believe me, I’m looking at my life with you as well. In my 39 years young life, true living is found in living for the glory of anotherHim, Him, And Him!

Romans 11:36 For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen.


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