My Seminary Experience: Soaking It Up Like A Sponge!



This is my first semester taking seminary courses and it has been a joy so far! Being in the classroom with a professor who has been serving the Lord for over 40 years has been very encouraging. When I am sitting in my classroom, Introduction to Preaching, it feels like I am sitting in a big Sunday School class but tailor-made just for pastors! And I am soaking it up like a sponge!

Imagine hearing my Swedish professor’s voice saying to you in my class, “As preachers we need to remember constantly that…Authority does not beg! Authority does not ask! Authority speaks with confidence because it bears an empowered message! Because God has spoken we also must speak!” 

AAAARGGHHHHH! After hearing that challenge you would want to growl like the Incredible Hulk too, ready to tear up anything in sight!

OH GOD may I speak Your words and not my own!!

Every single class I sit in and listen, my heart burns to preach the bible!! My eyes tear up sometimes when my professor gives his lectures on preaching!

One thing that encourages me as a pastor and preacher is a quote my professor read from Phillips Brooks…“Preaching is truth thru personality”. This encourages me because this gives me the license and freedom to preach the bible in the personality the Lord has given me. I don’t have to try and preach like other pastors because the Lord didn’t make me like other pastors. There is only one Alonzo McCarrol Brown, Jr. that Jesus has made and I must glorify Him. What a confirmation of what the Lord has taught me several years ago in receiving a license to preach from Strong Tower Church. There is nothing like living and serving in freedom!

But I must make sure that I am speaking His words and not my own! We all need to hear from the Lord and not man’s ideas. And the Lord is using this preaching class to reiterate this need.

Oh my oh my…I’m soaking it all up like a sponge.

May the Lord squeeze all of this truth out on His people and the world so that they will be strong and useful for His kingdom here on earth!


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