Have You Ever Been Devoted To Something?


Devotion is a heavy and profound word! As I look back at my short 37 years of living, I can see the faithfulness and kindness of God working in me on this subject. How? By seeing The Lord’s training in the passionate pursuit of football and basketball.

Can I be honest right now? I have never been so devoted in my entire life when it comes to pursuing football and basketball! There have been many sacrifices made…ridiculous early morning practices, sleeping late at night, broken bones, ankle sprains, back spasms, blood, sweat, and tears given in the pursuit. Yes…“I was devoted”!

As I confess that, a part of me want to condemn myself because of how devoted I was to sports. It is easy to say “my devotion to sports” was idolatry. It is easy to say I was devoted in training because success in these brought a lot of other good things such as fame, recognition, and the success I enjoyed. But as I honestly look at those seasons of devotion in training while following Christ, I can honestly say the passion and sacrifices made in training was connected to bringing honor and glory to the Lord. Now, it always helps when you enjoy what you are doing of course…HA!

Then, the Lord put me in positions I didn’t like at all!  I sure didn’t enjoy not playing as much as I would have liked on the football team. Serving as a manager on the basketball team in college didn’t fit my idea of “fun”. But I can truly say after the Lord gave me power and the heart to submit to His will, the devotion to those “lowly positions” was equally as passionate! It took some time to adjust of course!


The new roles I had to fulfill didn’t come with fame, recognition, or success. As a matter of fact, these positions had a sense of shame because of the lowly view in the eyes of people. As I mentioned, in an earlier blog about being a pastor here, who comes to a football game looking to see how well the holder holds for the field goal kicker? The “only time” the holder gets recognized is if he drops or fumbles the ball on a crucial play. Who comes to a basketball game to see the manager (glorified name for water boy) take water to the players or wiping the sweat from the floor when a player falls? The water boy has been recognized only with a hilarious but cynical movie called “Waterboy”.

Now, the roles I serve that deserves my devotion are fatherhood, husband, and pastor. But first things first, I am in Christ. And I desire to see a devotion similar to my yesteryears in collegiate sports in these areas. And when I see the apostles devotion to prayer and the preaching of the word in Acts 6, the Lord has given me a personal reference.

I hear Your voice Lord…I will be devoted for Your glory…You have trained me!

The passion and devotion the Lord has displayed through my life in the past was connected to doing the will of God in my life now and forever.

What have you been devoted to in your life? The Lord is trying to speak to you. Let us together devote ourselves to our Savior for He is worthy of all of our devotion!


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