What…God Answers Prayer?!?!?


What in the world did I just witness?!?!?

10 years ago, when I used to be a minister on the college campus of Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama, commuting to work was my regular practice for several years. Sometimes, I would take a different route to work because of the boring scenery. Driving from Montgomery to Tuskegee has all the trees you would want to see in the 40 minute ride on I-85. The different route I took added a little scenery and a part of that was a prison.

I know you’re thinking…“Why is the prison something to mention in “the scenery” of going to work?

Well, me being a “spiritual” guy, I would pray how I was taught to pray during my college years, “Lord raise up laborers.” This time the prayer was directed towards the prison every time I would pass by, “Lord, would you raise up laborers and workers for Your kingdom in this prison? In Jesus name, Amen.”

Sadly, when I look back I didn’t expect the Lord to 1) Remind me of what I prayed and 2) Bring to me the very laborers He raised up during the years I used to drive by the prison!

Fast forward to today and you can see two examples of those very laborers in the same building I am in! What!?!?!?!

These men grew up in some difficult circumstances and got caught up in the life of crime. It so happens that these men served prison time around the same years I use to drive to work and praying as I passed by. One gentlemen is a pastor here on the West Side of Montgomery where I serve. He has preached several times at Strong Tower and I just preached at his church a few weeks ago!

The other gentlemen used to work full time with me when I served with an inner city ministry here in the community. The ministry’s focus was to keep the youth away from the dangerous influences of the streets and give them a safe haven of love, discipline, and structure through Christian discipleship. He is getting married in August!

Today was the first time both men had met one another. And in a weird way, I said to them both, “You guys might know each other because you were at the prison around the same time.” As they talked, I just had to step back and marvel at the Lord in how He decided to 1) put the prayer to “raise up laborers” on my heart and 2) bring those men to me to show me how He answered the prayers.

Be encouraged to pray when the Lord put things on your heart!

The Lord is sovereign over what we pray!

Who says prayer doesn’t work?


One Comment on “What…God Answers Prayer?!?!?”

  1. Antoinette says:

    Wow! Praise the Lord!! He is so good!

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