God Is A Father



This is a profound truth that hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday! The profound truth I am talking about is that the God of heaven and earth, who made everything out of nothing by speaking, is referred to us as a Father. This same God, who is terribly holy, is also a terribly wonderful father. God is referred to as a father to his children!!! 

As I pray the Disciples Prayer in Mathew 6, I cannot help but be struck by Him being a Father. Being a father of three magnifies this awesome truth for me.

When my children ask me things like, “Daddy, can I have something to drink”, or “Daddy, I’m hungry…can you get me something to eat”, or “Daddy, my stomach hurts…will you make me feel better”, I see my compassionate heart in wanting to get whatever my children need (if it’s reasonable or not sinful). I naturally desire to love and care for my children because they are “my children”.

Then, this unbelievable reality hits home as I pray to the Lord…

Our Father in heaven…

Wow…You are a Father! That means You really care about my concerns, pains, fears, needs, etc. more than I could ever imagine! You even want what is best for me!

Sometimes, it can be hard for me to believe that our Father in heaven is looking out for my best interest. It is definitely challenging when going through difficult situations or desiring things and He doesn’t give them to me when I want. My children feel the same way too. 

“Daddy, why can’t we have any ice cream?” My three children would request in their persistent voices.

I respond, “Because you guys have already had soda for lunch and dinner. It isn’t good to have a lot of sweets. Not this time”. You would think that my children would know that saying NO to their desires doesn’t mean, “I don’t care” or “I want to spoil their fun.” The sad expressions that show upon their face after hearing “no” can sometimes be pitiful (smile). This reminds me of the attitude I can have in my heart when things are not going my way. 

Then I remember…

My great God is a father and always will be because He is good and does all things well for His children (me).

Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing me to know my Heavenly Father by taking the punishment for my sins. Because of Jesus, I am able to know God this way…as a Father.



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