“Flashed” While Taking Down Our Church Signs



On this past Resurrection Day, I was trying to take down our church gathering signs before heading off to visit my in-laws. What I like to do sometimes, is take someone with me as I do random things. So I was able to get a young man to come with me. As we were talking about life and how God wants to use us, I noticed two women walking towards us. One of the women I noticed because she is always walking slowly…rain, sleet, or snow in our neighborhood. The other woman I remember seeing often talkin’ fresh to men passing by in their cars [If you don’t know what that means…enticing men in order to have sex with them].

Though I know the things she is involved in, I wanted to speak to her since she was about to walk right past me.

“Hello ladies…Happy Resurrection Day”, I say.

“How you gentleman doing?” she says. 

As she began to tell me her name while shaking my hand, she pulls down her shirt to show me her name…and of course something else!

My response after the shock and awe of what had happened in front of me and the younger gentleman, I said, “Good to meet you ma’am. I am one of the pastors serving here at this church gathering.” 

Her surprising response was, “You’re a nice lookin’ young man. But I’m sorry for trying to act fresh with the pastor…I know better than that!”

She began to tell me about her children being involved at a neighboring ministry that is one of our partners. As she and the other lady walked off towards their destination, I felt the need to share with the young man who was with me and helping me take down our church signs. I really wanted him to see and understand God’s love and concern for all people, regardless of our contrary lifestyles.

“Do you believe what she just did…what’s up with that? But you know what…the Lord desires all of us to repent and trust in Christ for we all need the Lord,” I shared. His facial response looked a little surprised when I shared that. I wonder if maybe he might have thought it strange for God to show his mercies and love to women who entice men for a living. 

Be praying that the Lord will open up the opportunity to communicate the good news of the gospel to this individual in the Lord’s timing. 

After being flashed like that after worship, I couldn’t help but add her to our family’s prayer time before we go to bed. I will trust that Jesus has something greater in store for her and family!


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