What “I” Want When “I” Want It


Entitlement: gives someone a legal right or a just claim to receive or do something. For example: employees are usually entitled to a severance pay or a landlord is entitled to require references.

I am learning that some of my frustrations in life come from a sense of entitlement. I think I deserve or should get what I want when I want it…whatever it is. And when I don’t get what I want when I want it, then here comes the frustration!

This past weekend, I wanted to enjoy some playoff football and rest, but my wife Antoinette had a different plan. She wanted to take down our Christmas tree and clean up the front room afterwards.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the world is the Brown Family taking down their Christmas Tree in the middle of January.” Well…we enjoy decorations in our house; whether it’s birthday decorations from our kid’s party or Christmas.

So, after the “Christmas Tree Take Down Party,” which took a lot of time in my book, Antoinette wanted me to manage our children to make sure they were taking their showers in a timely fashion. Well, you can imagine the fury within me…yes…Pastor Brown. The fury I felt was similar to being thirsty and anticipating a tall glass of juice in the refrigerator only to notice while picking up the carton and drinking, there’s only a swallow left! Watching the playoff football game and resting in peace afterwards was my tall glass of juice!

The reality is this…I am not entitled to being able to watch a playoff football game and afterwards enjoy peace. After the game was over, I began to surf the web searching for anything interesting in order to make the time go by (I call that vegging), but it was interrupted! I had no idea this entitlement of peace was in my heart until Antoinette asked me to attend to the children. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. After coming to my senses, I said within my heart, “It should never be a problem when Antoinette asks me for help.” If someone would have asked me to do something while I was in the middle of having fun or resting, I wouldn’t hesitate to serve. Why should it ever be any different with Antoinette or my own children?

Oh the sin of entitlement…or the biblical term…selfishness!

I felt entitled to start as the ASU quarterback as a 3rd year player only to be disappointed to serve as the field goal/ extra point holder (not an honorable position).

I felt entitled to play on the ASU Basketball Team because of all the physical training and diligence in prayer to God and the verbal commitment by the new head coach in inviting me to play on the team, but was disappointed to serve as the manager (not an honorable position- a glorified water-boy).

But now looking back…oh the privilege it was to serve in these positions! Oh the joy I had in the opportunity to play and serve on two collegiate sports teams. If only I could have this perspective in all that I have been given from the Lord.

So, what is it that I am truly entitled to? I am entitled to complete separation from the God of heaven because of my rebellion against Him and His laws! I do not deserve salvation in Christ Jesus! The bible verse I’m memorizing says, “For we were saved and called with a holy calling, not according to our own works but according to His own purposes and grace that was granted us in Christ Jesus before all eternity.” – II Timothy 1:9

“So…thank you Jesus for Your mercy and kindness towards me! I truly do not deserve any of it! Will You fill me Holy Spirit like You did when I finally embraced the position of being the best holder and manager I could be for Your glory? For I want to serve in the position and role You want me to serve; not in the way I think I should serve You! Oh Lord, what do You desire from me today? For this is the only true joy…doing what You want.”

And praise the Lord that the salvation given to us in Christ isn’t based on how well we keep this perspective! If it was left up to us keeping this perspective 24/7, we would have forfeited the gift of salvation from day one!

Be encouraged to have a privilege mentality instead of an entitlement mentality!


One Comment on “What “I” Want When “I” Want It”

  1. Andrea Cochran says:

    W wow, Zo! Being a little vulnerable, my son in Jesus. Thank you for you’re honesty…Finn there I was ministered to, immensely. Miss Andrea

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