Blind Suppression…


Have you ever had a moment when you were doing something and not knowing what you were doing until you looked back and realized, “Hey…I was doing that back then.” I had one of those moments recently.

Fast forward to now, I recalled “hearing in my mind” to tell someone something that I did not want to tell. Upon “hearing that thought,” I began to reason in my mind the reasons I didn’t need to say anything to anyone. “That doesn’t make any sense to say that,” I would conclude and say. Then the voice who was talking to me would go away. That voice would come around again and say, “You should tell.” Again I would say, “Why would I, this doesn’t make any sense to me.” Months later, a dramatic situation happened and then the voice became loud and even more clearer, “Tell it.” By now, I am having an out loud conversation with myself about why I shouldn’t say anything! The dialogue was so mind consuming that I couldn’t go to sleep. Only after following through with what the voice said to do, would any peace be felt.

So I did. I told this individual what “the voice” told me to say. And what do you know? To my surprise, the individual listened, encouraged me, and we became even closer as friends. I shared with others and began to be strengthened by them as well.

I looked back after following through with what “the voice” told me to do and realized I had been disobeying Holy Spirit all this time. He was telling me the whole time what to do, but I was blindly suppressing (grieving) the Lord through my unusual conversations of rejecting the instructions to myself (so I thought).

We can all look back and recall plenty of times the Lord has told us what to do and we didn’t do it. In most cases, we don’t recognize that it is Him until we obey. I don’t believe the Lord would want that from us; His commands are not burdensome. When we look to love our Savior, obeying Him expresses that. Scriptures says, “…for the joy that was set before Jesus, He endured the cross…”- Hebrews 12:2

Let’s take joy in following His voice…especially if it doesn’t contradict His Word! He is wise and at work for His glory. At least ask the question or have the conversation with the Lord regarding the instruction from the voice you hear. We do not want to practice disobedience or in this case, blind suppression!


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