Stressed Out And Depressed? Be A Conduit, Not A Reservoir

A good friend and mentor of mine for several years shared with me while I was having “a moment.” The “moment” I was experiencing dealt with several difficult trials people were going through that I knew. Working through difficult trials with those whom you love inside and outside the church can be very burdensome. When I hear discouraging things, I’m able to determine very well when I am overwhelmed. Anytime I come home to enjoy my children and wife and my mind is consumed with the people who are hurting, something is wrong.

So I called my friend with my burdens. He said kindly,

“Zo, you can’t keep difficult things to yourself for long periods of time. The Lord desires you to be a conduit (a channel to pass water through) with your people’s pains and hurts, not a reservoir (a place of storing water).”

An example of a “conduit” is a cell phone. The cell phone becomes a conduit for one person to talk to another person.

The Dead Sea can be thought of as a “reservoir” in some ways. According to, metaphorically, the Dead Sea is called that because water does not flow out of it. All rivers lead in, none go out–as if the rivers die in the Dead Sea.

Talk about a life preserver thrown out to you when you’re drowning!

This truth has been gold for me for the past two weeks! Now, every time I hear difficult trials being experienced through our members, neighbors, family, or myself, I don’t hesitate to talk to Jesus about the person and the issue. This is what I try to do instead of holding it all in. And somehow, after telling Jesus about my concerns and anxieties, the load in my mind becomes much clearer.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed with deep sorrow, grief, and pain? I pray that you become a conduit by giving your pain to the Lord. We were not meant to hold our pain to ourselves.

I Peter 5:7- “Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”


2 Comments on “Stressed Out And Depressed? Be A Conduit, Not A Reservoir”

  1. Andrea Cochran says:

    so everything goes teacher that was a great essay. thanks bro for the encouragement to be a conduit. much love from calendar it to you and your family bye.

  2. Thanks Ms. Andrea for the love! I just figured out I’m supposed to respond to your reply on blogs (ha)!

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