Are You Drifting or Drawing?

Originally Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago the Lord revealed the question above to me. As I went through my normal routines of waking up my children, feeding them breakfast, and reading them the scriptures to going into the office and praying for our members and community at Strong Tower at Washington Park, I began to notice something about myself…and it wasn’t good.

Now, we all know ourselves very well. When your throat gets sore, you know that you’re coming down with a cold. When your head begins to hurt, some know that it’s time to eat. There was something I began to notice about myself during this busy season of life…my eyes were “looking in places” they ought not to look.

For example, as I was enjoying the London Olympic Games with my family, my eyes were occasionally looking at some of the female athletes in Volleyball, Track and Field, Diving, and Gymnastics. You might say, “Everyone must look at the athletes in order to see who will win.” But in my heart, my looking was more than seeing if someone was winning. I’m ashamed to say, but my eyes were looking at the parts that make these female athletes run, jump, and flip…the rump area.  The Lord allowed me to see in those moments that in my heart, my love for Jesus was drifting away.

How do you know when your heart is drifting away from the Lord? It is so easy to drift away from the Lord Jesus in a world that bombards you with an anti-Jesus culture. Once the Lord allowed me to see my drifting through the looking, I began to repent and draw near to Jesus in prayer. I had to refuse watching these particular events so that my heart could love Jesus. You might think this is too extreme, but for me, I don’t want to continue drifting away from my Savior! And if it means I can’t watch these ladies perform in their skimpy outfits in order to support my country, oh well! I’ll wait until Sports Center News reports with the results!

I shared this with some of the men I am leading in our church and you would be surprise that many men deal with the symptoms of drifting away from the Lord in their heart. And because of this experience, I learned that we are all either drifting away from the Lord or we are drawing closer to the Lord…in every moment. There is no in between place to claim when asked the question, Are you drifting or drawing? I believe when we are in between, we are drifting. When deep down in our heart of hearts our affections are not for Jesus and His kingdom, we are slowly drifting away. And this drifting away happens to all of us…even pastors!

So, are you drifting or drawing? Do you know when you are drifting away?

Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.


2 Comments on “Are You Drifting or Drawing?”

  1. Andrea Cochran says:

    Good word Zo. Appreciate your being vulnerable to get to the truth. I’m encouraged to check out my drifting as well. Andrea

  2. Thanks Ms. Andrea as always! Let us keep drawing!

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