Politics For Dummies

Lately, I have been surprisingly curious about politics. My background in life consists of athletics, teaching, counseling, spiritual training, and the like. Politics isn’t one of them. Well, maybe a little. When I was a rising senior in high school, I was selected to attend Boys State. Boys State is an organization geared toward upcoming school leaders to learn about politics, government, and discipline through the Marines. Back then I didn’t care much about government. I loved that my Marine drill instructor made our platoon do a lot of push-ups; it made me stronger for my upcoming football season.

When I look at CNN or any other major news channels on line, there is a barrage of criticism thrown towards Democrats and Republican. “Which side is telling the truth,” I wonder? When you hear and try to understand both sides, they both seem to make sense most of the time. In many ways, I am encouraged to begin figuring out, slowly but surely, what to think about politics. So, if there is a book called “Politics For Dummies,” let me know. That would be a hobby read for me.

Being allured to the conversation of politics has intrigued me because I usually can’t speak to the topic. I dislike not being able to speak on an important subject like politics when I know Jesus speaks to every subject matter on earth! The feeling of knowing that Jesus speaks to a topic such as politics, but I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the issue is frustrating. I know as a follower of Jesus Christ and a pastor, not knowing has to change. In every situation, there is a right and wrong answer. There are situations were wisdom is required. But if you don’t know the issues, then you can’t speak to it.

One thing I am learning in my very short journey of understanding politics is that whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, men and women on either side are fundamentally flawed because of our propensity to sin. Adam’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden to God affected every human being with the “sin gene”. Without the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can’t love our neighbor properly.

If Democrats desire “more government”, that can be a good thing if, and only if, the people running it are using it for helping others to do what is right. The reality is that we sometimes need as Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. says, “outside prompting to do the right thing.” But the problem comes in when the people who are the “more government” are flawed. Then the structure that was created to help people becomes overbearing.

If Republicans desire “less government”, that can be a good thing if, and only if, the people who are free from more government are looking to serve and help others in providing jobs and other such things.  But the problem is that people who are “free” are flawed. Then you have the problems that come along with that.

I believe that whatever the political position one holds to, outside of the obvious moral positions like homosexuality, abortion, etc., it is the people who make any structure successful or not.

For example, if the structure is more government and you have men or women who are looking to serve others with equity, that structure will be a success. The sad thing I think is that you can have great ideas and structures, but not have the right people in place to run the idea. Then, what happens is that the structured idea is thrown out like the old saying, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”

If the idea is less government, then it is important that the people are considering others.

It is all about the people and I think a follower of Jesus Christ has an opportunity to bring service and love to people in society.

My wife asked me a second ago, “When are you going to run for city councilmen?” I know she asked me that after explaining all that I just mentioned above. I responded, “Nope…not for me.”

But I do want to be more aware of what is going on in our society. I have to be aware because Jesus has something to say about it all.

I just need to get a hold of that “Politics For Dummies” book and learn more.


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