It’s Hard Out Here Being A Man!

There is a graphic rap song written by Three 6 Mafia called, “Hard Out Here For A Pimp.” If you are not familiar with the terrible “profession of a pimp” (a man who controls prostitutes, arranges clients for them and takes part of their earnings in return), your mind will be blown away by it with great disgust. “What sense does it make to profit money off of prostitutes,” you might ask? The sad thing about the profession of a pimp is that he is viewed as cool, legit, and even one who needs sympathy; many in our society believe this. In the song mentioned above, you can hear the desperate call of wanting a little sympathy for the pimp’s hard work in the tough economic times of pimpin’ throughout the lyrics.  Even in the title of the song, it comes across as if being a pimp should be celebrated.

Well, the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t create men to make a living off of women having sex.

The Lord Jesus created all men to love Him with all his heart, soul, and strength and to love his neighbor as himself. This “moment by moment” command is breathtaking to me!

It is hard being a man in today’s society because there is so much responsibility for him. Listen to some of the things I, as a man, must take responsibility for as a husband, father, and pastor:

–       I must provide shelter for my family

–       I must grow constantly in being a better father, husband, and pastor

–       I must be devoted to Antoinette

–       I must provide the financial means to care for my family

–       I must provide a spiritual atmosphere for my wife and children to grow in Christ

–       I must provide an academic atmosphere for our children

–       I must protect my family from any hurt, harm, or danger

–       I must train my children diligently to love God with all their heart, soul, and might

–       As a pastor, I must equip God’s people in being an effective follower of Jesus Christ in our society

And the list could go on and on.

It is very easy and tempting to take a “chill pill”, let someone else do my work, and call it a day. But I’m learning that the Lord doesn’t desire any man to take a “chill pill” and let someone else do their work, if they are capable. He desires for us to a “Red Bull Pill” and get to work! Of course, the work God calls men to should be done in the energy He provides.

I must admit again…it is hard out here being a man! I thank God that He has given me all that I need (the Bible, Holy Spirit, His people, trials, family, and etc.) to be the best man I can be for His glory. Come on men, let’s “get it in” (slang for going hard at something with great effort) in this worthy work of manhood!


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