Lord, Why Me A Pastor?

Originally Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 Lately, I have been asking the Lord this question.  The role of a pastor is not a very favorable one in our society. There are some who look upon pastors unfavorably because of the hypocrisy of many. The pastor preaches, “Don’t fornicate, commit adultery, or participate in homosexuality.” But then that same pastor turns around and practices what they have preached against. There are some who look upon pastors unfavorably because of the personal reminder that God requires a holy life that we sometimes don’t want to live. Whatever view you hold of a pastor may be quite different from mine. My view can be hard to articulate and understand at times.To me, a pastor is a very lowly position. I believe it is equivalent to being a “water boy” on a sports team. I know what it means to be in a lowly position very well. I used to be a “water boy” for the Alabama State University Basketball Team back in 1996-1998. For some of you proud athletes reading this, you know anyone announcing they were a water boy, would be terrible and even comical. You probably feel bad for me! Trust me; I’m a very proud former collegiate quarterback for 3 years at Alabama State University and a more proud basketball player! I believe I was a better basketball player than a football player. I chose to play football on the college level because I knew it was easier to make a college football team rather than a college basketball team. The opportunities to play were greater in football than basketball. And by the way, I can probably take you on the basketball court any day, buddy.

Now, to go from a proud athlete to a water boy is dirt under the carpet low. No one goes to a football or basketball game looking for the skills of the water boy. Who will pay money to see someone wipe the floors from sweat when an athlete slides from tripping over another player? Who is dying to see the speed of the water boy bringing water to thirsty players? Who has a glorious Hall Of Fame Honor for how many dirty, stinky socks and jocks a water boy can wash; making sure the players have clean attire to practice and play in? No one is looking for that!

I believe no one looks for the one “serving behind the scenes” because nothing about “serving behind the scenes” is exciting. There is no honor at all in that type of service…except with God. Is this not the role of a pastor? Jesus says, “He who desires to be great must be the greatest servant of all.” And being a pastor is water boy work!

If you are looking to be a pastor for any recognition, shame on you!  Looking to be known as a pastor for outward recognition and honor is equivalent to someone desiring to be a water boy for cool points! When one pursues the pastorate for personal respect, you will see clearly that it will not last long. The reality is that “washing dirty socks and stinky jocks” will reveal a lot about your heart and motives for God!

Speaking of dirty socks and stinky jocks, this is the second thing I wonder about being a pastor. Why in the world does God call me (or anyone) to help others with their dirty socks and stinky jocks? I see clearly that I don’t deserve to be cleaning or helping anyone because I stink and need cleaning myself! “Oh what is man, that you take thought of him? And the son of man, that you care for him?” – Psalms 8:4 God uses flawed people to help flawed people.

The only hope and encouragement I have in fulfilling this call of pastoring His people, is His voice which was spoken to me years ago as a college missionary, “Feed My sheep.”

This is all I have…His voice.

Somehow in His great wisdom, He wants to use me this way. This blows my mind away! I know He doesn’t desire me to pastor others because I was the smartest, most committed, decisive, dependable, reliable, or faithful friend. He desires to use me in this way; in the role similar to a water boy, serving behind the scenes in prayer, in the word, and in relationships.

Oh my my my…may I be found faithful to this lowly but great responsibility of pastoring His people.


One Comment on “Lord, Why Me A Pastor?”

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