Frustration = You Hate It In You!

Originally Posted Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Matthew 7:1-5, Jesus confronts the judgmental spirit that plagued the people of His day. And if we are honest, our American society, from the riches of Beverly Hills to the poverty of many urban ‘hoods, breathe judgments on others.

We love to applaud those who “tell it like it is” or “don’t hold anything back,” even if the one receiving the criticism will be crushed. Our major news anchormen and women make lots of judgments on events that take place around us. You can see the judgments sometimes by observing the pictures and videos taken of the person being accused. For example, if someone has been accused but not proven guilty of a crime, you might see all the negative looking picture of the accused; all frowns or angry stares.

As I bring this matter down to where we live, we make all kinds of “judgments” towards others. Sometimes they are voiced, sometimes they are not.

Whether our judgment is voiced or not, I see what Jesus is saying when He commands us not to judge.

He is not saying not to make any judgments whatsoever, as some would go as far to say. If Jesus was saying this, He wouldn’t have told us to judge false prophets several verses later (Matthew 7:15-20).

The judgment He’s discouraging is the condemning, final judgment we place on others. This shocking command He gives has arrested me.

“Stop critically judging others; you are condemning yourself.”

I see this clearly in my own life.

The things I get frustrated about in others, I hate seeing in my own life. And somehow my own sin, or logs, distort my vision of seeing sin, or specks, in others.

For example, I can get discouraged at my children sometimes when I give simple instructions and they turn around and get distracted when our dog Macy comes by to play with them. But the Lord a lot of times many times uses my own children to reveal my own lack of focus when given simple instructions.

It is very interesting that Jesus describes the sins we see in others as specks…or saw dust. But He describes the sin in us as huge logs! This is hard for me to understand many times.

“I’m not a bad dude,” I think to myself. But according to God, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Ouch! “Not one Lord…I’m pretty good, right,” I think a lot of times. I see sins in others that make me frustrated and discouraged in my own heart. And when I look to examine my own life and heart after noticing “their sin,” I can honestly say…I hate my sin!

Lord, I must take the log out of my own eye first, and then I will see clearly to take the speck out of my brother’s eye.

Could my frustrations of other’s sins be a direct connection to the sins I’m dealing with? In many cases,yes!


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