You Can’t “Feel Me”…

Originally Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have you ever tried to talk with someone about anything good and he/she listening has suffered unimaginable pain in many ways? Did it not make you feel the “You Can’t Relate” Syndrome? It would be like trying to bring verbal encouragement to an A.I.D.S. Sufferer, who is in great pain in the moment. And…you will feel like you can’t relate, especially if you’ve never suffered with that trial. Many in our neighborhood would use the slogan “you can’t feel me”.

I felt this way recently. I went to visit a home to catch up with an old friend in the neighborhood. After talking for a little while, I began to ask him about his thoughts about Jesus.

“I feel like if I were to walk into the church right now, God would look at me with disgust. I’ve had a life full of suffering…everything from being picked at…to being beat up…to not having any money for my family…to struggling…trying to make sure my family is okay,” he said.

I began to think about my own life and upbringing and thought to myself, “I don’t have any experience in that type of suffering. I’ve actually experienced the exact opposite.” So why do I engage people who many would say “you can’t feel me”?


I can’t relate in many ways with my neighbors around me. I’ve suffered in many ways in my short life time but some of the suffering of the people I rub shoulders with, sometimes seems dramatic, like an emotional movie!

But JESUS…He suffered and was tempted IN ALL THINGS like us, yet without sin- Hebrews 4:14.

I show up to engage others because Jesus understands all suffering. I point them to the One (Creator God) who suffered the ultimate suffering by becoming a man (created being) to identify with us. He suffered all the way to a brutal death on a cross for sins He didn’t even commit…He was a substitute for our sins. I point them to embrace the One who understands and desires to give grace to get through the suffering- Hebrews 4:16.

So that’s what I did. I told him, “I can’t relate to how you feel…to not have much over a long period of time, being picked at all my life, or not being able to find a job to help with my family. But Jesus knows and understands. Call on Him for help.” I prayed with Him that night…He might be at church with us this week.

Pray for this young man…that He will look to Jesus in His suffering.

Pray for me that I will continue to point others around me to the sympathizing Savior for an example to follow.


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