Yes…I Preach And Cut Hair!

Originally Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012

I wonder if you are thinking after reading my last few blog entries (here and here), “Why is he writing about cutting people’s hair? Isn’t he the full-time Associate Pastor? Does he have a side hustle?”

Well, first things first…cutting hair isn’t a side hustle of mine. And yes, I am a full-time pastor…but I don’t pocket any of the money I make from cutting hair. I use the money made from cutting hair (in my home or other’s) for needs around me and sometimes for missionaries overseas.

Secondly, I am teaching some of the teenage adolescents how to cut hair. To be able to teach someone how to have a job skill where they can make “honest money” instead of doing “illegal business” like drugs is important to me and our community.

Thirdly, there are many gospel conversations that takes place! There have been some “straight forward talk” from me while cutting hair lately. Can you imagine me saying to someone, “You know, fornicators will not go to heaven right?” This is what I said to several of the young men, listening in during “barbershop talk” one night. The sad thing that happened (after that question was asked) was their responses. In unison, everyone listening to the question put there heads down in shame…oh so sad! What motivated me to make that statement was one of the young men was sharing his “experience” with women, as if that was something honorable enough to receive a badge! After everyone was laughing at his foolishness, I couldn’t help not keeping quiet! I even called everyone individually by name and said, “You know, fornicators will not go to heaven right?” We talk about everything from sex, crime, drugs, sports…to following Jesus, the bible, and church. May God continue to give me courage to be a witness for Jesus when I cut hair!

Cutting other’s hair usually falls on Tuesday nights and Friday afternoon. This totals to 2-3 heads a week. I cut one adult for free…for this is my way of blessing this gentlemen because he serves in ministry full-time.

How do you use your talents?

I hope this encourages you to serve the Lord with your gifts! Holy Spirit will use our abilities and finances to spread the gospel to others around us.


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