Will A Responsible Man Please Stand Up

Originally Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I had a “heart to heart” conversation with a good friend of mine at the local barber shop today. The conversation wasn’t about the latest gossip or bashing different political parties…which can be typical in barber shops. Our dialogue was about the destruction of men in our community, our world, and even in our own lives. At the end of our conversation (with my baby girl Ayden on my back the whole time), I couldn’t help but come to this conclusion:

Without the grace and mercy of God working in our lives, we will neglect all our responsibilities before Him!

Illegal drugs are tools that help a person escape their reality for a moment. If life is hard and difficult, get intoxicated by smoking weed…that will make it more bearable.

“No one tells you there are times where weed can get you so messed up that you can feel like you’re about to die,” said my friend who heard from others’ experiences. “Then what about your responsibility of being a good father and husband to your children?” (He went on.) “All of this is to distract men from what they were called to do by and for God.”

Not everyone uses illegal drugs…but we all have our “escape mechanisms”. When things get difficult (in life) where do we continuously turn for relief or “escape”? The computer, the television, or to food?

And lo and behold, we as men are pushed off our “post”…neglecting what JESUS HAS MADE US FOR . . . glorifying Him by being responsible.

I left that barber shop so discouraged for “my people” and my own sin of neglecting responsibility while at the same time encouraged to take courage and obey Jesus.

I told my friend, “When I read the Bible, it doesn’t resemble what’s around me in my neighborhood or the world- glorifying Christ by being responsible (obedience).” As I reflect on that statement…I pray that responsibility before God in being a good husband, father, and neighbor starts with, as Michael Jackson’s song says, “The Man In The Mirror.”

Lord, raise me and the men in our community up to see what God has made us for…to bring Him glory and honor by being responsible for what He has given us.

Psalms 51:13 “…then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will be converted to You.


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