When A Church Gathering Is Dying…

Originally Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I, Terrence and Jason (Strong Tower At Washington Park Pastors) attended a retreat that emphasized the importance of revitalizing a dying church gathering.

Now, some of you are wondering why would we as young pastors serving a young church gathering attend a retreat targeting older churches who are facing the reality of closing it’s doors.

1.Fellowship, planning and growing together as pastors

2.We wanted to learn how to NOT be a church gathering closing its doors (3500 churches shut down yearly).

The simple but profound principles proclaimed at the conference were from the book of Revelation 2:5…rememberGod’s blessings, repent of our sins and recover the first things. This revitalization was happening in the church of Ephesus.

One vivid example given was the overemphasis of focusing on the “numbers” of church. Instead, there needs to be an emphasis on church health.

An over emphasis of focusing on the “numbers” is like an athlete taking steroids to get an edge. You may grow muscles and get stronger and faster. You may win many games. You may also make a lot more money. But in the end you will kill yourself.

When you invest in the people of God and build in the health the right way…prayer, teaching, discipleship, fellowship, etc., the members become healthy and the right growth takes place.

We want healthy Christians bearing witness to Christ in every area of their life…being salt and light in our dark and dying world.

May our church and other church gatherings around our neighborhood and the world build healthy churches through revitalization God’s way.

I have already made a conscious effort (since the conference) to always connect with our members through emails, phone calls and home visits. It’s amazing to see the grateful responses from our members.

“Thanks, Zo, for checking in on me,” says one member.

“Man, Zo, I’ve been really struggling this week. I’m so glad you called and prayed with me,” says another.

May I continue in Holy Spirit strength to build God’s people in order for them to fulfill the Great Commission.

May our church gathering never need to close it’s doors.


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