We All Have Our “Bubbles”…

Originally Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A former coworker and good friend of mine made this statement years ago and I’m still chewing on this interesting thought. “Zo…we all have our “bubbles” when it comes to church gatherings,” he says.

He moved from one city to the next when he said this to me one day over the phone.

He defined “bubbles” as our pattern of beliefs. He would also say our pattern of beliefs most of the time leans more towards our preferences, not necessarily commands.

“Zo…every church gathering has their own bubble (preference) when it comes to worshiping and serving the Lord,” he says. “One church prefers not clapping and others do. One church gathering has freedom to lift their hands to worship God and others don’t. Some churches have a culture of an unsaid thought like Homeschooling is the only godly way and some have the opposite thoughts.”

I see what he means.

I know I see “bubbles.” And usually I see them when I visit different churches in different states. Every church gathering has a “bubble.” I believe this bubble is more than a racial identity. Here are a list of bubbles I see in church gatherings around me…

The “bubbles” of:

  1. -Personalities
  2. -Professionalism (career)
  3. -Common Likes Of Things
  4. -Worship Music
  5. -Knowledge Of The Bible
  6. -The Understanding Of Doctrine In The Bible
  7. -The Rich And Poor
  8. -Communication
  9. -Education

You probably could add a whole lot more to the list!

The challenge for me is to recognize these “preferences” as not being evil or wrong in and of themselves. Because the moment we elevate our “preferences” over other  “preferences,” there’s a problem.

Now, I’m not talking about clear commandments God has given us to obey…like love your wife, train your children, worship God with His people, etc. I’m talking about the expressions of God’s commands we work out in our congregations. One example would be using certain instruments in church to worship God. “It is only appropriate to use the organ or piano during worship…not a guitar or saxophone,” as one person told me.

Do you see the “bubble?”

This might be an extreme example but, believe it or not, it does exist. And even though this way of thinking exists, I want to be able to “understand the times and know what to do” (I Chronicles 12:32) for the sake of winning others to Jesus Christ. Some people have quoted these phrases in keeping things in perspective, “Let’s major on the majors and minor on the minors” or “Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing.” Jesus has died and rose again to bring us forgiveness, a relationship with God, and the power to love Him and our neighbors… so let us have this as the “bubble to desire” in our church gatherings.


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