Training Dogs (or anyone)…Patience, Consistency, And Diligence!

Originally Posted Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whoever said training dogs was easy?!?!?!?

I made a terrible mistake in “assuming” that if you watch a couple episodes of “The Dog Whisperer”…a television show where a charismatic dog expert comes to your house and trains your difficult dog with ease…would automatically transform my precious dog into an instant obedient soldier!

Boy oh boy I was sadly mistaken…

My dog Macy tore open a bag of flour that went all over the hallway (picture above). I found myself highly frustrated every time she would use the bathroom in our house (praise God we have wooden floors). When I would find Macy boo-booin’ or peein’, my loud outbursts of discouragement were heard.





So I did what a spiritual person should do when he doesn’t know what to do…pray!

“Lord Jesus, there’s something wrong with my heart that I’m so frustrated with our dog. Something isn’t right with this picture. Lord give me wisdom in training Macy,” I prayed in my heart. And before you knew it…wisdom came flooding in.

I searched the internet for “How To Potty Train Your Baby German Shepherd” and ran into an article that changed my perspective and saved my blood pressure. The article was called 5 Easy Tips Of Potty Training Your Baby German Shepherd. I will only give 2 of the tips that have revolutionized my entire life in training dogs.

Tip 1…when your dog finishes eating, take her out every 10 minutes. Their bladders are very small, so this is very important. GEESH…I wish I could’ve read this earlier…this would’ve saved me from using a lot of my vocal cords! I’ve been taking her out an hour after every time she eats. I feel pretty foolish getting upset at my dog when I haven’t been “training her correctly”.

And the final tip that has rocked me to the core…Potty training your dog will take a lot of patience, consistency, and diligence.

This is what it will take. I wonder if I’ve had the same frustrations with the people I’ve discipled in the past…getting discouraged when they’ve failed, when all that was needed was a lot of patience, consistency, and diligence.

So…I need to lower my high expectations of thinking Macy will learn everything immediately and train her with much patience, consistency, and diligence.


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