Terry Vickers…I Will Never Forget You!

Originally Posted Saturday, October 1, 2011

This isn’t a blog for another young man who’s been taken away by the violence of the streets. Our Lead Pastor Terrence Jones wrote about a terrible shooting that happened just a stones throw away from his house and took the lives of two young men; read here. Terry “used to” live and love the street life. Terry was a young man who died but not because of a senseless shooting…he had a heart attack at the age of 23.

If I could describe him in my own words…a spongy and inquisitive fireball comes to mind…and fearless when it came to talking about our Lord Jesus.

When I used to come over his house to read, study, and hear the bible, he would invite his friends (male and female) to come. “Man, ya’ll need to come in here and get in this word,” Terry would say in his smooth, cool, but serious voice. His passion to tell others about Jesus amongst his peers was relentless (fireball).

His humility to listen and understand was the same too…relentless. It would look like he would be literally hanging off the edge of his seat as I would share about Jesus in the bible. I would look at his body language when I would teach the bible at our church gathering and feel such an encouragement. “Man he’s feelin’ this!” I would say in my heart. If everybody’s body language communicated the “glossy eyed look” of not being interested, one look at Terry would discourage any disappointments…he gets it! Any preacher would want a congregation full of Terry’s! You definitely had to minimize his questions and comments during our gathering time because he would always want to know. “Now Terry, let’s give others a chance to ask questions if they have them,” I would say after our study time. “Oh no problem Zo…my bad (my fault),” Terry would say apologetically.

His service to others was amazing too. He would work tirelessly with a ministry in our community that renovates homes and train others in becoming home owners. Whether the need was painting a house for hours, shoveling dirt in the heat of the day, or moving heavy bricks, you can count on Terry…ready to serve.

One day Terry told the founder of House To House Mike Bounce about an idea he had. “Mike, let me share the gospel with the whole volunteer group that’s coming to help us tomorrow, Terry said anxiously. Have you ever asked anyone to share the gospel to a group of people you don’t know? Exactly…that’s my point…who does that?

His hunger for God and the bible was so refreshing. Terry was so “inquisitive” and hungry for hearing, studying, and doing the word that I couldn’t help but text him verses on the days I couldn’t see him face to face. “Thank you so much Zo for these Scriptures…I was thinking about the same thing today,” he would sometimes text back.

He left for Job Corp to pursue a Culinary Arts Degree in Morganfield, KY…he wanted to be a chef on a big cruise ship one day. Two weeks later, while pursuing his dream in Kentucky, he died unexpectedly.

I want my son to live like Terry did…unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to live like Terry did…unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the Vickers Family because many are still hurting from the loss…especially Momma Vickers:-(.

Pray that Terry’s life and death will be a springboard of hunger for God and His word amongst the men and women in our community at Washington Park.

Psalm 116:15 – Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His godly ones.


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