Preach Brotha Preach…The Way God Has Made You!

Originally Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is how I would sum up the responses I got from 10 friends who sat in and observed a sermon I preached last week. The purpose of the observation was to give encouraging feedback, whether positive or constructive, for the goal of me becoming a better preacher. Our Lead Pastor Terrence Jones orchestrated the whole process through a 6 week trial of preparing me with specific tools. At the end, I will preach that same sermon this Sunday November 27th.

I don’t know your current feelings of Michael Vick, an NFL quarterback who was arrested and sent to prison for the brutal handling of dogs. (May this analogy that a good friend of mine made of Michael Vick’s athletic abilities and me preaching God’s Word not distract you from seeing my point.)

He said to me right after I finished and everyone was headed home, “When Michael Vick was playing for the Atlanta Falcons, there were several seasons where they tried to make him into a “pocket passing quarterback”…one who only throws the football from the pocket without running. This is probably because the “majority of the quarterbacks” (if not all) play this way. But not Michael Vick! He’s not only a decent passer from the pocket but he also runs the football more exceptional than any running back. When you make Michael Vick a “pocket passing quarterback” only, it looks a little awkward. But when you let him play the quarterback position in how he naturally plays (passing and running), it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

The conclusion of the matter I came away with is this…I must find my “Michael Vick in preaching”…preaching the way the Lord has naturally made me in proclaiming what is right and true! To preach His word the way “everyone else preaches” can be as awkward as forcing Michael Vick in only being a “pocket passing quarterback.” But to preach in the way God has made me, can and will be a God honoring thing…which I believe, then and only then, is where I’m glorifying God best and His people are being built up the most!

Jesus has allowed me to teach His word for the past 16 years. For the first time this week I will attempt to preach His word the way God has made me to communicate.

So…I will preach…from now on…the way God has made me in proclaiming truth with great confidence and joy! Oh what a joy to preach and encourage others in the things of Christ through His word!

Please pray that the Lord will bless this opportunity I have to preach His word this Sunday. May I be faithful in season and out of season. I will also be licensed to preach after the sermon!


One Comment on “Preach Brotha Preach…The Way God Has Made You!”

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