“Po-Po” – Good Or Bad?

Originally Posted Sunday, July 10, 2011

When everything settled down I couldn’t help but think about this question. . .

I had to call the police (or Po-Po as they are sometimes called) 2 hours before our Strong Tower At Washington Park gathering today.

Why? Well…when I began to walk in the building to get everything set up, 20 plus Middle School kids were standing around being loud and boisterous outside our building.

It was reminiscent of me watching a fight in school when I was younger…where everyone is loud, cheering, and egging it on.

As I was thinking that, right then I noticed 2 females yelling at each other and clearly about to fight! I couldn’t stand there and act like I didn’t see all this madness. As I put my bible and laptop in the car and moved towards the scuffle, I was thinking to myself, “Thankfully, there are several college students here to help me break up the fight.” NOT!

I believed the 8 of us would be enough to stop the two…YEAH RIGHT!

-Why does it seem like when you’re trying to break up a fight, the fighters want to kill each other even more?!?!? By the way, did I mention these were females?!?!? They were both wearing swimsuits – one was actually in a bikini. You would think that when the bra-like top was falling off of one of the warrior’s shoulders intent on battle, that she would at least make the attempt to stop to put on a shirt…or just leave in shame…YEAH RIGHT! “Put your shirt on girl…everyone is looking,” one of our female college students said. “So, I don’t care!” the warrior screamed back. (This 12 year old girl looked like she could easily be a 19 year old woman.)

I even tried to restrain her but she squirmed around, like a wet bar of soap, trying to get to the other girl.

“That’s it…I’m calling the police!” I said, hoping that threatening them would break up the squabble…and that didn’t work either!

So I called…and 3 minutes later 10 plus police cars raced on the scene to break up the fight. Everyone ran away like roaches seeing the light turned on in the kitchen!

You would think the police being there (in droves) would deter the two girls…YEAH RIGHT!

A female officer – who seemed to be the leader of the pack – grabbed a hold of one of the girls, to restrain her from fighting, but she began fighting the police officer. So the female officer began to “get things under control” with her bare hands…WHOA!!! Things finally settled down after the girl was in handcuffs. The officer let her go later after talking with her.

I came away thinking about how serious and needed the police are.

I can’t imagine being on call to bring peace in a dangerous situation where my life could be lost! Romans 13:1-5 really burdens me to pray for them because they risk their lives to bring justice and peace to our community.

Every police officer doesn’t serve with this mindset… but I will pray that they ALL will.

Romans says the police – an arm of the governing authorities – are God’s servants who are supposed to bring good to those who do good and punishment to those who do wrong.

May God raise up our “Po-Po” to work righteously in our neighborhood.


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