People Have Their Nerve…

Originally Posted Thursday, July 21, 2011

People have their nerve…to talk to you as if you’re a child…and I’m a grown man – 35 years old with 3 children!

I got a glimpse of how Jesus felt as James explained when Jesus was being crucified, “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth. When they hurled their insults at him, he didn’t not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats,” says I Peter 2:22, 23.  Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

On a daddy day with my youngest daughter, we went to lunch at our favorite Burger King. It’s our favorite Burger King because it has a humongous play area for kids to play…and it’s inside:-).

As Ayden finished her food she went to play and I decided to play on a touch screen computer for a couple of minutes while she was playing.

A young boy came to me while I was playing and asked, “Can I play?” “Sure…I’m almost finished. I’ll let you play in a few more minutes for the game is almost over,” I said kindly.

2 minutes later a 6’2” lady walked up to me with a rude tone, “My son had asked you to play on the game and you’re still here. I think you need to get up and let my son play!”

Amazed and a little frustrated at the same time I responded with great self-control, “Mam, I told your son I would let him play as a soon as I’m finished…the game is almost finished.”

Then she responded in a way that reminded me of a young child with the neck and eyes rolling in disgust, pouting in frustration, “You are a grown man…why in the world are you on this game anyway?!?!? Why don’t you just get up and let my son play!?!?!?

By now every adult in the play area eyes are on us. I responded, “Mam, all that’s needed is a little patience…the game will be over in almost 30 seconds.” I thought that would cool her off but the opposite happened. “Yes, please get yourself up now…thank you!” she said in one of the most disrespectful responses known to man.

All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind in that moment of fury, “Why is this woman talking to me like this? Is she talking to me like this because I’m black and she’s white? – (superior/ inferior thinking…and I didn’t want to go there)? What if she starts to get physical with me, would I retaliate by hitting her back in public? What would it look like if a pastor was fighting a woman in the play area of Burger King? Could I ever get to a place where I would be so frustrated to start fighting when being irritated?

Crazy thoughts… huh:-)? (I’ll bet you’ve never had any of those types of thoughts yourself!)

But my response was a simple, “Ayden, let’s go sweetie – in a joyful way.”

The Lord showed up to encourage me by having one of the Burger King Workers to say to me, “Sir, you were in the right…that’s why I didn’t get involved when she asked me to get you off the game.” I said to the BK worker, “I really wanted to tell her about herself, but the Lord Jesus wouldn’t have been pleased.”

May God keep us focused even in the “heated moments” we’re not able to control.

I pray that lady has a saving relationship with Jesus. She could have been a follower of Christ and had a terrible day. Though I was furious at her (while checking my own heart for sin), for causing a scene in front of everyone, deep inside I wondered if she had an awful day and I happened to catch the brunt of it.

I sincerely hope she’s fine. Who knows, maybe watching my responses to her onslaught challenged her to be more kind the rest of the day!


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