Our First Service…Priceless

Originally Posted Monday, September 19, 2011

As I opened our time in prayer (during our first worship service) before what looked to be 130+ people attending- all the beautiful lights, lovely curtains, great stage, speakers in the ceiling, and projector showing hymns and songs on the screen- I could do nothing but weep! Can you imagine hearing someone weeping and praying for everyone at the same time? I couldn’t hold it together…I didn’t want to hold it together. Whenever I’m overwhelmed by the Lord’s kindness…what usually follows is weeping.

But this isn’t a weeping in sorrow. They are tears of deep joy and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for all that He has done and is doing.

Sunday morning, we sang praises to our God, participated in the Lord’s Supper together, greeted and encouraged one another, and left challenged and motivated to follow Jesus through the word being preached…and that word was being preached!

6 years ago when I used to lead our Lead Pastor Terrence Jones in college ministry, I would sit under his teaching and in my heart I would say, “I can listen to this type of preaching every Sunday!” Who would’ve thought that would become a reality 6 years later? Terrence is a powerful, passionate, motivating, convicting, and gracious preacher! Praise God I get the opportunity to serve with him again here in Washington Park.

Everyone in our Core Group was serving their socks off preparing everything for our first service. Many sacrificed a lot of hours during the week to make it all happen. Many of you reading this have invested finances and prayers to see God make disciples in the Westside of Montgomery as well. Everything from our website to pictures, Strong Tower Logo to managing finances…all of this isn’t possible without the grace of God using the people of God.

May the Lord and His kindness continue to grant us many more gatherings like today in centuries to come!


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