My First Wedding Ceremony…SCARY But Good

Originally Posted Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let me just tell you…wedding ceremonies and preaching are so different! I couldn’t help but be nervous before the wedding ceremony I led yesterday…it was my first ever!

Anytime you hear from my friend, lead pastor Terrence say, “Zo…in weddings, you need to be “on point” (very good and crisp) the whole way through. It compares to when you’re on your last point in preaching, then transitioning into the conclusion to take it on home! That is the level you must maintain through the whole ceremony. There’s no build up to climax at the end for wedding ceremonies like preaching…you have to have the “climax” throughout the whole ceremony!” you know you can’t help but feel the pressure!

Why in the world did he tell me that on my first wedding ceremony?!?!?

And he was right…

The whole ceremony was such a climatic event from start to finish. And there seemed to be no room for me to make mistakes though I was the minister marrying the couple. I had to be the facilitator, the preacher, and emcee all at once. In preaching, all you need to be is the preacher and somewhat the facilitator.

Do you know when the bride walks down the aisle, and sometimes the groom and the bride, or sometimes BOTH are crying because of the emotion of it all?

Well…I was up there crying.

I believe I was crying because of watching the bride (now Sophia Iyegha) walking down the aisle with her dad. And when I saw her crying and shaking at the same time but with such grace, it communicated to me, “I am so utterly amazed that I’m going to be married to my new husband Joshua Iyegha. I’m so overwhelmed with joy that I can’t even look at you while I’m walking down this aisle. I am terribly humbled.”

So that explains why I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Also, I know this couple. My wife and I had the privilege to do their premarital counseling. Every week they would come over to eat with us and discuss the various topics regarding things to consider in their upcoming marriage. They are so precious to us!

Well…looking back on this wonderful event after receiving great feedback from leading the wedding, I think I won’t be as nervous the next time. To be a part of facilitating, preaching, and emceeing what God has created in marriage, is always something to get excited about.

Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Joshua Iyegha!


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