Like Father…Like Son

Originally Posted Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you remember the last journal entry here where Mike Bunce, Founder of House To House, showed us how to fix a broken window? Well…2 months later, another child broke another window… in the same door! The quote at the end of that blog came true – “I’m sure if something breaks again, I’ll be ready to bring Lil’ Zo along with me for help:-).”

My son “in whom I’m well pleased” loves to fix things. One time he used a monkey wrench and had taken off his baby sister’s training wheels… before we knew it. One time, he saw me remove a plastic strap stapled at the bottom of our dining room table with a flat head screw driver…it leaves a terrible scar on your leg if you go across it. After watching me take it out, Lil’ Zo wanted to take all the staples out…and he did!

Of course I want him to experience the athletic arena (my background…specifically basketball…though I played college football) but his inquisitive nature in fixing things with his hands… sticks out like a sore thumb. The boy is only 6.

You must understand… I have a secret that not too many people know…I’m inquisitive too… when it comes to fixing and putting things together! When my wife asks me to fix things around the house, imagine how far my chest sticks out when I finish…my “man card” goes up several credits;-). “Oh honey, thank you so much for doing this,” Antoinette says joyfully with a kiss. By the way, I got many “man card” points for fixing the window. Antoinette didn’t think I could do it:-).

So you see why I had to fix the broken window while Lil’ Zo was watching…and I asked him to assist me (above pics).

Antoinette said to me in a joking way, one day, when our son was trying to unscrew this toy here and hammer another toy there, “Zo is going to tear up something!” My response to Antoinette was, “It’s all good if he does…this will be his training.”

WOW…I have a son…to pass on everything the Lord has taught me!


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