“It’s Time To Man Up!”

Originally Posted Friday, November 18, 2011

“Man Up” is a term used in our culture very often today. In so many words, it means everything from taking courage (be tough) and being a servant leader to growing up and taking personal responsibility without whining. Listen to this term in a sentence:

After all my 36 years of living, I see the hard work necessary for leading others. It’s clear the need to “man up” when it comes to taking personal responsibility in life (loving my wife, training my children, shepherding God’s sheep, defending the weak, etc.)…I’m responsible! This is actually an example from my own life I’m referring to here.

I attended a conference a couple of weeks ago and the speaker talked about how Satan’s temptation to Eve in eating from the tree resulted in a neglect of Adam not protecting his wife! The passages gives the picture that Adam is watching the whole dialogue between Eve and Satan. He doesn’t step in at all to tell Satan to leave or take Eve and flee from the Evil One. God told Adam not to eat from the tree of good and evil. Adam didn’t “man up” to obey God. As a result, Adam’s sin affects all men in not taking personal responsibility God gave them. After the sin was committed, the Lord went looking for the one held responsible…Adam (not Eve or Satan).

I believe I’ve been doing a good job in raising my family, loving my wife, and caring for the people of God at Strong Tower but after hearing that message, I was so convicted…He wants more from me! There are many times I get comfortable in allowing my wife to take the initiative in things I’m supposed to be initiating in. Whether thinking, planning, and executing leading my children spiritually to homeschooling to managing our finances…I’m not consistent in serving in these areas like I should.

OH GOD I WANT TO BE FAITHFUL TO JESUS in these responsibilities He has given me!! This faithfulness to the One we must all give an account of comes through a heart that desires to “man up” and rely on Holy Spirit, His Word the Bible, and His people in following through!

May we as men, “man up” in the responsibilities God has given us in Jesus name!


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