It’s Cool Meeting New Visitors…People

Originally Posted Friday, October 28, 2011

I really enjoy meeting new people! I believe that everyone is “cool” when you get past the unknown of an individual you don’t know.

The Lord has allowed me to meet people who others may say, “She is crazy or he is so stubborn” and love them in sincerity. Somehow when I get to know these “unknown to me individuals” and see “who they really are” behind the scenes, there’s an appreciation and understanding I have for them. It’s difficult to explain.

Anyway, I have been visiting some of our visitors who came to Strong Tower. My nerves are always all over the place before I reach the door, of course. The reason I believe my nerves are everywhere is because of the fear I have thinking the visitors I’m visiting will not like me or think I’m weird…I’m revealing my heart a little here:-). But when I knock on the door and the door opens, the Lord gives me His words of encouragement to them.

I never know what to say when I visit new people. I’ve been following Jesus for 18 years and I still haven’t found an easy way in meeting new people. Most of the opportunities I have in sharing the gospel message are on these visits. I have two recent examples:

  1. 1.I visited a young man (who was baptized) and his mother in our community. After asking him why he decided to get baptized, I began to share with him about the Lord Jesus and how He saved me. I asked the young man and his mother before getting ready to leave, “Before I take up all of your time, do you guys have any questions or comments about what I shared?” The mother says to me surprisingly, “Oh no, don’t rush…you can stay as long as you need…I need to hear more about this! I know God has me and my children here for a reason!” She and her family are from up north.
  1. 2.I visited a family with kids that range from 7-18. When I went in, I was encouraged that everyone seemed to be fine with me being there. I sat down on the floor while everyone was on the couch and chairs…I get a little too comfortable sometimes:-). After asking about their daughter’s baptism and experience in the worship of God at Strong Tower, the daughter seemed to be almost preaching. She “proclaimed” passionately about how much she loves God even though she’s in a neighborhood where many of her peers don’t (15)! She and her family come faithfully every week.

May the Lord continue to bless my efforts in visiting our new neighbors who come to worship with us!


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