I’m Here Because Of Older Godly Men

Originally Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Alonzo Brown, Sr. to Jeff Napier, Calvin Cochran, Sam Hodges IV, Kelvin White, Byron Johnson, Robert Benson, Anthony Carter, Mike Jones, Karl Clermont, Ron Carter, Anthony Gordon, Ken Austin, Robert Miller, Aaron Fleming, the Elders At Eastwood, Nathaniel Brown, Curtis Tanner, Eric Redmond, Hubert Keefer, Sylvester Hardy, and William Duey…are the men that God has used (and is still using many of them) as coaches for me.

I always say and I say it again, “If you look on every championship team in any sport or any successful organization, there will always be a few “veterans” on the team. You will never have a team full of rookies and young bucks winning it all. We all need people around us who, ‘have been around the block’ a few times…(been there, done that), to learn from.”

I believe that whole heartedly! This, I believe, relates to all aspects of life.

Where would I be if the Lord did not bring these godly men into my life!

When you yield to their counsel, you learn why they live and how they live. Most of the time they do what they do because they have experienced failure. And as older men, they do not want you to fail in the same ways that they have failed.

So to ignore wisdom from older godly men when they challenge you to love your wife well, enjoy training your children, share the gospel with others often, work whole heartedly in all you do, think biblically and logically about decisions, be responsible for your own sins, love sacrificially and boldly, do the hard stuff in confronting, know the culture and respond in a godly manner, disciple men, be a team player, give others opportunities to lead, learn to say no, be transparent, etc. would be sheer foolishness!

Now sometimes older godly men love to talk (me too). But I believe they love to talk because they have so much to offer from their experiences. So I’ve learned and continue to learn to listen no matter how long it may take for them to finish – sometimes I listen so much I wind up being late to appointments (I have to learn how to say I have to go. And the benefit of letting them share their heart on matters is they are being blessed by giving their insight and wisdom away…they want to make a difference in others!

Are you impatient with older godly men? Do you have older godly men investing in your life? When hard decisions come your way, do you have a pool of older godly men to receive counsel from and to bounce  your thoughts off them or do you figure it out on your own or with your peers? If you don’t, be certain you will fall many times when there’s no need to.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you will have to fail on your own to learn.

But we can avoid a lot of failure through learning from older godly men.

Experience, in many cases, is the best teacher.

Romans 15:4 says “for whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

God’s word is the ultimate “older godly Man” and from where we get understanding, examples, and wisdom from – to live life to glorify God through Jesus Christ. And Jesus uses older godly men to pass on that wisdom too.

We surely can’t live without them…

I can’t…


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