I’m 36 Years Young

Originally Posted Friday, October 14, 2011

“I’m a grown man!” I said to my wife when I turned 35.

You would think I would feel like that a lot sooner than 35.

I’ve been married for almost 13 years…I have 3 children…I’ve been living on my own ever since 17 (well…college doesn’t count because my parents were paying for me out of their pocket:-)…more like 23.

For some reason, 35 was the age where inwardly I knew…I’m grown.

Now I’m 36 years old. My Daddy told me a couple of days ago wishing me a happy birthday, “In a couple of weeks you’ll turn 50,” he said jokingly. I believe it too.

When life gets busy… from raising children… to attending all of their extracurricular activities… to getting involved serving many families in the community… you forget about how old you’re getting.

But I feel like the Lord has given me a youthfulness to where I don’t feel tired…at least not yet. I do get a little reminder that I’m getting older when I look in the mirror and see a couple of wrinkles around my eyes or my hair thinning out around my hair line:-).

All in all…I’m thankful to the Lord for allowing me to live on this side for 36 years.


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