I Asked Him…What Kind Of Daddy You Want To Be?

Originally Posted Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was cutting this young man’s hair (at my house) and I asked him a random question.

(I am that guy who asks a lot of questions. If you didn’t know me and were listening to the questions I ask, you might think I was interrogating you!)

Talking and cutting hair go hand in hand, so it fits right up my alley.

Anyway, the “Barber Shop Talk” began…and I asked, “What kind of Daddy you want to be?”

(I sure wasn’t expecting his quick response to my question.)

“I want to be a Daddy like you boss,” he said.

WOW…look at the Lord working in and through my life for someone to want to imitate my parenting!

Now, don’t be fooled or misguided…I don’t parent perfectly. The reality with me is that my failures in parenting are the failures you don’t see directly. My failures usually fall in the “Not-Being-Consistent-In-Taking- The-Initiative-In-Leading-And-Serving-My-Children” Category. For example, when I’m tired from working all day, I will sometimes neglect praying with my family before we go to bed…and I can be impatient with my own children when they make the same mistakes over and over again…and I can be more patient with other children…and I can choose not to lead my wife (in reading the Scriptures sometimes) because I think she’s probably too tired to want to do it…and etc.!!!

I definitely see the need to improve and develop in my parenting!

But this young man, (who I used to work with several years ago while working for Common Ground Montgomery), has seen something good in me…enough to want it for himself!!!

I know it’s Jesus working in me!

For him to say those kind words, when he has seen a lot of fatherless homes in our community, encourages me that Godis RAISING UP these young men…to want MORE in their OWN future parenting… rejoice with me…I say, REJOICE!

I responded, “Thanks boss for that encouragement! But you know what…I want you to be a better Daddy than me.”

He smiled and said, “Okay boss.”


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