Get Saved Now!

Originally Posted Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why don’t people get saved right after you explain the Gospel message? I mean, right after the Lord gives you all the perfect analogies and examples in explaining it you would think the listener would say, “Man, that’s it…I’m ready to repent of my sins and trust and follow Jesus with all of my life. What have I been waiting for all this time?”

But more often than not… this doesn’t happen.

And it’s been a little discouraging lately.

“Am I sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ right…did I say something wrong?”

“Doesn’t salvation come through the preacher who has been sent from God?” – (Romans 10:14-17)

“Have I been sent?”

Those are the questions that ran through my mind this week… after sharing the Gospel with several different people.

One encouraging thing I’m learning through sharing the forgiveness of Christ with others is patience. I have to really wait on the Father to draw them to embrace Christ. In the process of waiting on His timing, I have to be excited about the opportunity He gives me to be a part of “The Great Rescue”. Oh how I love sharing the gospel with others…especially face to face!

Our God really saves! Our God really delivers from His wrath! Our God really delivers from darkness to the light! Our God gives forgiveness to a rebellious people! He rescues others from the power of controlling sin to freedom and forgiveness! And He uses me…by verbally telling the story of Jesus’ resurrection from the grave!

If only I’m reminded (to believe it) when I’m talking about the gospel to others!

“Zo, God’s word doesn’t return back to Him void. Let Him work…you just be the vessel God uses to share,” was the encouragement I received from a friend.

Continue to pray for my courage in sharing the gospel message. Pray that I would share it often and with great patience and expectation even when others aren’t convinced yet to follow Jesus.

“So Alonzo, have you saved everybody in Montgomery yet?” asked a godly, veteran Urban Pastor in Birmingham jokingly, but sincerely.

“No, but I’m praying that we lose not one soul to the devil here in Washington Park,” I responded with the utmost seriousness.

Lord, may we not lose one soul to the devil…save everybody!



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