Are You Prejudice…Of Course!

Originally Posted Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everyone struggles with being prejudice towards others…we just need to be honest with ourselves.

Everyone struggles with not judging others…yes…even you!

Maybe some of us don’t “struggle” with it because we’ve chosen to not care.

The real problem in passing judgement without having the total information on the situation is choosing not to believe the best.

Let me put myself out there and be honest with an experience I had recently.

For example, (as I become transparent) driving down interstate 85 and notice driving past me is a Hispanic gentleman driving an expensive vehicle with, I’m sure, expensive rims. I’ll be honest…my first thought in my mind was, “What is HE doing driving a car like that?” Behind the erroneous thought was, “What is a HISPANIC doing driving a vehicle with rims like that…THEY can’t afford to drive something like that.” And then the last thought was… “HE’S probably illegal too.”

Do you hear the erroneous thinking?

But, right then, in that moment I had a choice to make. I could choose to – 1. Continue to believe the idea that Hispanics, or minorities (like myself), can’t have expensive things without attaining them illegally, or, 2. Believe that all men (including Hispanics) could own something expensive like that legally and through the right means.

I chose #2…and I will continue to choose #2…and I have to constantly choose #2.

Many of us have thoughts similar to this and never look underneath the statement whispering in our heart.

Whites have wrongful generalizations about Blacks…Blacks have wrongful generalizations about Whites. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians…all have wrongful generalizations about one another that has to be confronted with the truth at all times.

Every culture is so engrained with prejudiced thinking that they don’t even realize it, and I think it’s especially true, here, in America.

None of us are immune to it.

Even the Apostle Peter was confronted by the Apostle Paul on his racism and prejudice towards the Gentile Christians (Galatians 2:11-14). While Peter (a Jew) was hanging around with the Gentile Christians eating and fellowshipping, he decided to act like he didn’t know them once his Jewish buddies came around. He didn’t want to associate with the Gentiles in that moment because of his concerns of what his Jewish buddies would think. By the way, Gentiles and Jews had a long history of not liking one another.

Not Peter…Jesus’ right-hand man!

Not Peter…who preached to many Gentiles earlier… and then later, they became Christians under his preaching!


I don’t know about you but I think the Apostle Peter labored in ways we can’t even imagine being used by God in our time…and if he can yield to the deception of racism, we all can.

But the hope I find in all of this, is that when my heart is revealing racism towards another in my heart, I can choose to recognize it for what it is (sin) and turn away (repent) by believing what is true.

And that has to be a continuous action for me.

The truth is…we were all created in the very image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-31). That statement means we all have enormous value!

I want to see all people as the very image of God. And seeing people in the very image of God means I must choose to continue rejecting racist thinking towards others everyday. And you must too.

As soon as we can admit our sin, then we can be healed.


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