Alaiyah Reading To Her Siblings…The Bible

Originally Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am proud of all of my children. Sometimes I don’t enjoy the divine moments of spending time with them in their worlds. It’s easy for me to be frustrated when they don’t respond the way I believe Jesus would want them to…not keeping in mind they’re 8, 6, and 4. I have to constantly be focused on the truth that Children are a blessing from the Lord…not a burden. All in all…when I’m walking in that truth, the frustrating times aren’t frustrating!

My firstborn daughter, who loves to read, wanted to read the bible to her siblings before they went to bed this night. What 8 year old reads to their siblings…let alone the bible? I don’t remember trying to read anything to my brother growing up…yet this is who she is.

If I could describe my firstborn (the nickname I call her) to you it would be a curious rabbit who’s had 10 gallons of Red Bull Energy Drinks!  Yes, her energy level is off the charts…more than mine and Antoinette’s combined! She is also very kind, considerate, and fun…the picture above shows this.

She’s like me in the social arena…loves to be around people. Praise God she can channel some of that energy on the cheerleading team of Common Ground Montgomery.

My prayer for Alaiyah is that she will grow up to love God more than the world. One of the verses that I tell her all the time is John 17:14-19 “you are in the world but not of it.” For some reason, ever since she was younger that verse has spoken volumes to her…and it still does. May her energy spark in others a passion for Jesus and not this world!


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