A Tribute To My “Daddy” On Father’s Day

Originally Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011

I realize many who will read this “flood of praise” towards my daddy, have dad’s who were M.I.A.- missing in action. If you’re a man who had a dad who was M.I.A., my encouragement is to become the best daddy (in the power of Jesus Christ) “you can be” for your children. Remember, no dad is perfect…even the good ones.

I remember my mother saying to me after I was trying to figure out who was going to be my role model, “Your daddy should be your role model!” (I’m not joking with the exclamation point…she meant every word!) When I heard that statement from my mother as a young teenager, my heart was saying, “Yeah…that’s cool and all, but I’m talking about someone that’s famous and cool.”- I didn’t say that to my momma of course! Looking back on that comment my mother made back then, I understand what she was “trying to say”… your father OUGHT TO BE your role model.

I am 35 years old now, and as I get older, I do see my daddy as a role model. Side note: When I say daddy – it’s pronounced, dead-y, (for coolness sake!)… the meaning of that name, to me, means a heart filled with endearment, honor, and respect… No other human get’s that name except my daddy!

Here is a list of why I see him as a role model more than ever and still.

1. Hard Working. Daddy is one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known. Ok, so he made straight A’s in school…but he worked hard for them! Those A’s didn’t ooze out of his “things come easy for me” efforts either. His diligence in all areas of his life was so challenging to me growing up. There were many times I would look for the easy way out or “just do enough” to get by. Not my Daddy…he was “a hundred percent on blast” trying to make me work. He’d push me to not settle for C’s. He would seem to “catch a fit” when I brought home B’s. (I’m still trying to be “a hundred percent on blast” in life like he was!) Along with his diligence in school, he needed no one to look over his shoulder to make sure things were done…he was very self-motivated. I look back at his athletic career and it astounds me. In high school before there were the 3 point shot, he averaged 32 points a game. One game he scored 50 points! I loved bragging to my classmates growing up, “My daddy scored 50 points in a game before. You wanna come over my house and see the newspaper clipping?” My daddy used to say, “If I really wanted to, I could’ve been a professional defensive back in the NFL – National Football League”. Alonzo Sr. had a choice to receive an Academic or Basketball Scholarship in college. He chose the Basketball Scholarship at Stillman College. All of this speaks to the hard working man he is. (I like to consider myself a good athlete, but my daddy hands down was better.) He worked hard!

2. Provider. He always took great care of my momma and brother Dwayne. We lacked nothing (materially) growing up. But the greatest thing I remember him providing was himself! I remember long nights of him trying to help me with my homework. Even though he was a meteorologist and worked crazy hours, (12 hours sometimes), he was there involved in my life. I remember seeing my daddy attending just about every single basketball or football game I played in growing up. The only games he would miss were the one’s when he had to go to work. Not only did he provide himself in attending my games, he provided his “fixing up expertise”…he was Mr. Fix It when it came to things broken around the house. I remember countless trips to Hechinger, the-back-in-the-day-version of The Home Depot or Lowe’s today, trying to figure out how to fix this or that with using the right tools. He always wanted things to be right for us.

3. Perseverance. He endures. I look at him being married to my momma…37 years and counting! They still look like they’re in love and enjoy each other…check out the picture above. I sometimes wonder if they ever had the “Empty Nest Syndrome” when me and my brother left the house.

4. Loyal. Not only has he been married to my momma for 37 years and counting, he’s worked for NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, for 35+ years. Who stays in one place working that long? This achievement could go under the perseverance list too:-). Now he’s retired (as well as my momma). That’s some serious loyalty there!

There’s a lot more that I COULD say about my daddy!

And the crazy thing about all of this is…he’s still growing…trying to figure out how he can get better.

His life (to me) speaks LOUDER than a “boomin’ speakers bangin’ in a car driving past”.

I hope that I can live a life close to what he modeled for me growing up.

And the more I grow up with my own family, (married for almost 13 years and have 3 children), the more I see what my daddy was doing. My daddy was making me into a man!

Happy Daddy’s Day Alonzo McCarrol Brown, Sr…job well done!

I praise the Lord for His kindness in having you as my daddy. By God’s grace, may I be the man you were to me with my own children…your grandchildren Alaiyah McKenzie Brown, Alonzo McCarrol Brown, III and Ayden Michelle Brown.


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