11 Young People In Washington Park . . .Water Baptized!

Originally Posted Sunday, August 14, 2011

How’s that for a headline!!!

After the fun and Christ-centered Common Ground Montgomery (CGM) Summer Camp, given to 100+ First through Eleventh graders in our community, 11 of the youth made decisions to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Two weeks ago, a good friend and local pastor who’s on staff with CGM baptized them at his church.

The exciting part about these events is not only “The Great Rescue of God” saving them from the punishment and penalty of their sins, but also the opportunity I have to follow up with the youth and their parents…that means home visits:-)!

Making a decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ through baptism isn’t a light matter. There are places in the world where people are persecuted for making this choice. This is a huge deal!  Although some have made it’s importance equal with salvation believing that baptism saves us from our sins, our prayer is that these youth will grow up understanding that their baptism points to what God did on our behalf…burying our sins with Him in His horrific death and resurrecting our lives from the dead with His victorious resurrection.

Pray that I will be able to begin relationships with these 11 youth who have made this decision and their parents. I will attempt to build them up in Christ through paying them occasional visits.

Pray that I will have favor with the parents.

Pray that these 11 will follow Jesus in our community where it’s not cool.

Pray that their parents will choose to follow Jesus as well.

Did I mention being excited about home visits:-)?


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