What Do You Think About This Man?

Originally Posted Saturday, March 19, 2011

When you look at this picture what goes through your mind? Some of you will say, “He needs to get his sorry butt off that bench and get a job.” We don’t have all of the answers as to why he’s in this situation.

When I looked at this guy as I was walking pass, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How is this man sleeping on a public bench in broad daylight?” I’m still trying to process what does this mean and how should I be thinking. One thing is certain that’s on my mind is he was and is created in the image of God. And if this is true, that means even this man with dirty clothes and a shaggy beard who’s sleeping on a public bench in broad daylight has enormous value to our Father in heaven. “God don’t make no junk,” a child has said to us before I’m sure. I wonder does he know that.

I didn’t ask him. I continued to walk and enjoy the historical sites in Washington D.C.


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