We’re Homeschoolers?!?!?

Originally Posted Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here we are getting some training at a home schooling conference in Montgomery, AL. Are there a lot of African American home schoolers around? I never heard of home schooling before growing up in Clinton, MD. The first time I heard or saw someone home schooling (African American missionaries to college students) was when I was in college at Alabama State University. I grew up in the public schools of Prince George’s County along with my younger brother. We had a good education growing up. My parents, Alonzo Sr. and Cynthia (daddy and momma), taught me and my brother after school our lesson and how to be self learners when we weren’t in school. I can remember always asking my daddy how to spell or understand difficult words because I knew he would know the answer. My daddy loved crossword puzzles and learning new words. Instead of my daddy telling me the answer he would respond in a dogmatic but curious way, “Why don’t you look it up?” I’m still trying to learn that lesson as an adult:-).

So why are we home schoolers?

Well, because we can. They’re many reasons we chose to home school. For starters, we want to be our children’s primary influencers. We want to train our children in the things of Jesus Christ. Most public schools frown on a Christ Centered education. And secondly, to attend private school, you will have to give up an arm and 2 legs. Those with the money attend private school-this is definitely another conversation.

Can you train your kids in the things of God and still be a part of a public or private school? Of course! We believe this is the way our Lord would have us to train our children for now.

It amazes me how people perceive home schoolers by their surprised and confused responses. “They won’t be able to function in society because they will lack social skills or they need to be able to relate to other kids”-as if we’re at home doing school 24/7. My children are involved with lots of kids their age and adults in our community (www.cgmal.org). Not only are we able to train them in the ways of Christ as much as we can, but they’re able to try and live it out amongst their friends. Another benefit of home schooling is the time we’re able to spend with them. Being away from your child from 7am-3pm, plus extra-curricular activities that can last up to 6 or 7pm after school, can lead to everyone else raising your child but you. That’s a whole day! That cycle goes on 5 days a week! Will we home school all the way through high school? I don’t know. It’s a yearly decision for us. We’re just in a position to do it now. I understand they’re many who can’t because of different circumstances. They’re many who won’t be able to do it because the gifting to do it isn’t there. That is a true statement. But you know what? We (my wife and I) are not “gifted home schoolers”. It is definitely hard work but rewarding.

Whatever your child’s education is (home school, unschool, relaxed school, public, private) be involved as much as you can. Praise God they’re all kinds of options in schooling our children! We just happen to be home schoolers:-).


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