Wedding’s Can Be Very Sobering

Originally Posted Friday, March 11, 2011

I was in a friend of mine’s wedding (Common Ground Montgomery Staff Justin Hampton) all the way in Miami, FL.!  Oh, I’m not complaining because I got to “drive” down with my wife:-). We all had the sharpest suits and dresses for the wedding. By far the reception was the best I’ve ever been a part of (performing dancers, spoken word poetry, Renaissance Atmosphere).  Even hearing Justin and April repeating their vows to one another challenged and encouraged me about my own marriage with Antoinette.  There is a reality however when all the smiles, fun, and honeymoon are over, “real life” kicks in hard. I’ve seen some difficult marriages. The difficult marriages I’ve seen over the years have been from many individuals who are professing followers of Jesus. No one gets married with the intentions of being divorced, abused, or abandoned. No one is exempt from having a difficult marriage. I love my wife dearly and she loves me (she better:-). The only “Thing” we can have hope in in any marriage is that Jesus will be with us giving us strength as we deny and humble ourselves to serve one another to reflect His glory. Praise God for Justin And April’s marriage! I believe they will make it to the end! But I know the in-between should and will be definitely a “good fight”. I Timothy 6:12


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