Three Generations Of Alonzo’s

Originally Posted Friday, May 27, 2011

Instead of  “The Three Amigos”, here are “The Three Alonzo’s”. My daddy Alonzo McCarrol Brown, Sr. came down from Fort Washington, MD with momma to visit us in Montgomery, AL and attend the Brown’s Family Reunion. I’m so proud to be an “Alonzo”. There was a time growing up when I couldn’t stand my name. Everybody seemed to have cool names like Michael, Kevin, David, and William. The name Alonzo didn’t fit with “being cool”. The older I became, the more I began to appreciate the uniqueness of my name. I like being different. There was a time where I only wanted to “fit in” and do what everybody else was doing. Whether it was being sexually active, pursuing personal success in what everyone deemed important (sports), or getting drunk, “fitting in” was my middle name. So you can understand why growing up with the name Alonzo bothered me. But God appreciates my differences because He made me. He has made us all different…that’s why we all have great value.

Even “The Three Alonzo’s” have many differences though we have the same name. I wonder if my son Alonzo III will name his son Alonzo IV. Let’s see if he desires to keep the name going:-D.


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