Tell It…Don’t Be Scurrred!

Originally Posted Monday, June 13, 2011

Last night at our Sunday night gathering, I taught on a biblical understanding of evangelism. We are going through Mark Dever’s book “What Is A Healthy Church?” We felt this was a good book to go through because of our young beginnings. I shared with everyone how evangelism is telling the message about Christ. The key is “telling”…because there’s a verbal exercise to this. Loving one another or living a good life before others is not enough to tell the message about Jesus. We must give verbal witness about it by challenging others to turn from sin and trust in Christ for forgiveness. In doing that, there is a tendency for me to be “scurrred”-scared pronounced in a St. Louis slang kind of way:-). I can’t be “scurrred” in telling others about Jesus because telling the message is the means God uses to rescue people from the punishment of our sins. By God’s grace, I will not be “scurrred”. If you are reading this…don’t be “scurrred”. Tell it to everyone around you:-).


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