Swimming With Daddy On Daddy Day

Originally Posted Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now that the summer is here, swimming will be one of our favorite daddy day events. It is “way too hot” to play at the park around 1pm! Look at the Lord and His provision for our family:-D. This week, I was able to begin teaching them how to swim. My oldest was able to pick up on basic strokes and kicks while putting her head under water. My son was able to hold his breath under water for 5 seconds, even though he was afraid. My baby girl was able to put her face under water for 3 seconds. They’re all on different levels of swimming of course:-). My son and baby were able to imitate my strokes and kicks while I held them. They had fun and I was excited to teach them. I’d call that a great daddy day.  As Will Smith says, “It’s Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer Time”!


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