Sin Comes In All Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

Originally Posted Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I just knew that all drug dealers in D.C. back in the day were African Americans. When I was growing up in Clinton, Maryland, Washington D.C. was having an epidemic of drug wars in the streets in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  All the people I saw shown on the news were of the darker persuasion.  So imagine my shock when I met my dear friend and prayer partner Jason Williams (one of Briarwood Church Urban Pastors in Birmingham) through me sending a newsletter. I shared about a friend who grew up here in Montgomery, AL with a similar background of a thug in my newsletter. Jason responds after reading the newsletter through email, “Man that reminded me of how I used to live when I was on the streets of D.C.” I found him on Facebook and took a double take because “he was white”. Not only was he white but he serves at a conservative, predominately white congregation. That broke up my stereotype of only thinking African Americans, not whites could be involved in “thug life”. Ever since Jason’s response through email, we’ve been praying with one another once a week over the phone for the past 6 months. He loves Jesus and he loves those who can relate to his background. Back in the day, he was an All-American High School Basketball star and went to a Division I college to play. When he was a freshman, he averaged 18 points per game until he was ravaged by the drug life of selling and dealing in the D.C. area. He went to jail many times before Jesus got a hold of him. Now he reaches out to local prisons and communities in Alabama.  He gives “spiritual assists” to Christians who serve to change there destructive neighborhoods with the Gospel.  Look how beautiful God’s Dream Team is! They make up of all kinds of people from all types of backgrounds, colors, and sizes (he’s 6’7”).


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