Now What Do You Want With My Son?!?!?

Originally Posted Sunday, March 27, 2011

“Now what in the world do you want with my son?!!” said the woman with suspicion and trepidation in her voice…(that’s my version of the way it sounded), but what she really said was, “What do you want with my son.” I was slightly dumbfounded with that question because the tone implied that I had some sort of hidden or negative agenda. (To be honest, I do have an agenda:-D.) My agenda with this young man (his family and all of the Washington Park Community) is for him to know, experience, and follow Jesus Christ our Savior. So why in the world couldn’t I come up with an answer for this inquiring woman on the spot? I guess the tone of the question messed me up!

The truth of the matter is the pride in my heart made me yield to being offended.

I bet she has had numerous experiences where many have come trying to “help” her children.  I responded hesitantly and nervously, “Oh, I used to coach him in basketball and work with him at Common Ground .  I was just checking up on him.”

Knowing hindsight is always 20/20, I should’ve responded, “Honestly, I want your son (and you too) to love God and neighbor, work hard in school, and respect and obey his parents and authority.”

I know the next time a parent ask me that question I’ll be ready to give a defense of the hope that I have for them:-).

This is ultimately Jesus’ hope, that all will come to repentance.


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