My Daughter Staying Pure

Originally Posted Friday, May 6, 2011

My firstborn daughter participated in the 2nd Annual Purity Ball given by Common Ground Montgomery (CGM). For 8 weeks, Nicole King and several women of CGM lead a purity study about “saving their kiss”-staying pure until marriage. Over 20 young ladies from the ages of 7-16 participated. At the end of the study, a ball was given for the ceremony of completion. They received certificates, necklaces, and rings to remind them of the monumental commitment they’ve made to God on this special night. They even dressed up in their finest dress for the occasion. Their parents came to support their daughters.

I can’t believe that my oldest daughter Alaiyah is at an age where she needs to learn what it means to stay pure for God’s glory. I remember growing up and having to figure it out the hard way. Everyone and their momma had the inside scoop on the topic of sex. And yes, I was taught by folks who weren’t qualified to speak on the subject (many were only a few years older than me). The television and movies had their fair share of teaching me too:-(. By God’s grace, we will provide an environment where our kids (my own and kids in Washington Park) can be encouraged to glorify God in relating to others in all purity. We want to be pure because God wants us to be pure.

I pray my children and her generation will desire to glorify God with their sexuality.


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