My Brother-In-Law’s Wedding (FUN)

Originally Posted Saturday, April 23, 2011

My brother-in-law AJ (Arthur Green Jr.) was married to Tasha Johnson today. It was so much fun! All the dancing, crying, hugging, kissing, smiles, and more dancing!

It’s just something about weddings.

It reminds me of my own marriage and how our Lord has brought us together to glorify Him and enjoy each other. I wish I could go back in time and have the amount of fun A.J. and his wife had on “their day”. Why? Because when we got married, it started 5 hours after the planned time!

No it wasn’t a sign of God saying we need not to get married:-). We planned our wedding in one week. Everything was going smoothly until the day of the wedding. The seamstress thought our wedding was next week! So you can imagine the stress level of the seamstress making the wedding dress the same day of the wedding.

But you know what? We are still in love with one another almost 13 years later. I would like to have the fun this wedding had. Who knows. Maybe we can get married again;-).


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