“Meet The Brown’s”

Originally Posted Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not Tyler Perry’s Brown’s but my family, the real Brown’s 🙂

We got together this weekend to celebrate the Lord’s kindness over the years during our family reunion in Browntown, AL. This was the first reunion of it’s kind in my family with only my Grandmother and Grandfather’s children and immediate family there. The reunion was such a powerful moment for me. We played fun games, ate good barbeque, enjoyed one another’s company, and worshipped our Lord Jesus together. I learned a lot about my family, the Browns.

1. Our family has 3 generations of pastors…granddaddy Roosevelt (25+ years), uncle Nate (15 years), and myself (almost 2 years).

2. My granddaddy worked many hours outside the home to provide for his wife (my grand momma) and his five children (my uncles and aunties). This “grind”- hustle, was during the 40s, a time where African Americans had a difficult time surviving in Alabama because of slavery and racism.

3. My uncles, aunties, and cousins are very hard working and they have served society with the utmost excellence. They all had a slew of academic, career, and societal honors.

I left being so proud to be a Brown. I left having a deeper appreciation for my family. I come from a family of grit, grind and hustle…but grit, grind, and hustle in the good sense! I pray my children will love and appreciate their family history. I sure do!


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