I Love Funerals!

Originally Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I’m sure that opening title may seem a bit strange to you. “Wait until someone closer to you dies. I bet you won’t feel the same then,” some of you might add. To me, funerals are very sad but at the same time exciting. I anticipate my death with joy every time I attend a funeral of someone who loved and followed Jesus.

One of the men on our oversight board’s mother passed away today. He shared about his mother being a woman who never complained about anything but always gave thanks. She was describe as a person who took lemons (difficult times in life) and made lemonade. He was in tears sharing with us all his desires to be like his godly mother. His tears wasn’t coming from a deep despair or hopelessness. His tears had a mixture of sadness and happiness. “She’s in the presence of our Savior now,” he shared. “The question is where will you spend the rest of your life in eternity,” he asked.

Then I think to myself…I want to go be with Jesus too. I want to escape this crooked world too. I want to be through with fighting sin in my own life too. Funerals are always reminders of the reality that I will be in the presence of Jesus Christ forever one day. Oh what a glorious time (forever) it will be when I enter His presence. What a time it will be for all of Christ’s followers when He comes back for us! As the song Amazing Grace says, “When we’ve been their ten thousands years bright shining as the sun. We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise then when we first begun.”


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